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You Come Alive!

Online business incubator for coaches, consultants, and solopreneurs

We take care of the technology platform that allows
you to create and sell your online courses, webinars,
and podcast subscriptions.

How it works

On You Come Alive, you have a dedicated and private strand of podcasts, courses, and webinars you market to
your email list and beyond.

We take care of all the technology that makes it work! Our  onboarding process and content templates allow you to create your courses independently in the software you’re comfortable with.

Creating content

We also offer content creation services using our combined decades of experience in business development, marketing, entrepreneurship, and adult education. Our proprietary "Get Your Knowledge Online" system can walk you through each step to produce organized, impactful course lessons or podcast entries.

Driving traffic

In addition, you will be regularly featured on the platform’s
public blog, where you can display the skills and
experience that will drive up your paid subscriptions.

A subscriber to any of our broadcasters’ online offerings is
automatically a subscriber to You Come Alive. Each month,
our roundup features blog posts from other broadcasters,
increasing your reach to new subscribers who have
already made the commitment to online education!


Like any cooperative, You Come Alive works best when
everyone offers her unique set of experiences and her
deep knowledge. To that end, we will not offer competing
services. If you are, for instance, a life coach specializing
in substance abuse recovery, we will not accept a similar
broadcaster in YCA.