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Women's Small Business Accelerator

Company Overview

The Women's Small Business Accelerator (WSBA) is a non-profit accelerator founded by successful women business owners for women business owners. We provide education, peer support, mentoring, and accountability to help women on their entrepreneurial journey - to start and grow their own businesses.

Because we know what it takes to succeed, we have created customized ongoing programming that meets the individual needs of women who are entrepreneurs in a safe and nurturing environment. 

We strive to propel all emerging business owners, regardless of net worth or education level, to have the courage and support to achieve their business ownership dreams.

The WSBA’s mission, vision and core values identify what is important to the organization and the entrepreneurial community at large.

Our Mission 

The Women’s Small Business Accelerator was formed to help all women business owners, regardless of net worth or education level, achieve their business ownership dreams through empathy, mentoring, and education, thereby improving their lives and our economy through business growth and job creation.   

Our Vision

To take gender out of the equation for small business ownership success. To allow women to dream big and achieve big. To empower women to choose what that means for them, their business and their families.