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Sunnybrook Wordshop

A lifelong word nerd, I recognized early on that I had one skill and stuck with it. Thankfully, it's one that lots of people need. I've been on my own as a communications consultant and writer for 25 years, helping clients from a variety of industries tell their stories.
Whether that's live event scripting and onsite content management, DVD scripting, creative concept development, web + app content development, training content development, or any number of other projects (including, no joke, eulogies, wedding vows, and a full-length book of family history) - I'm up for the challenge.
I work in a number of industries and am always pumped to jump in and immerse myself in the project of the moment. So far, I've worked with start-up incubators, network marketing organizations, healthcare, hospitality, home improvement, higher education, non-profit, retail, aftermarket car geeks, and soooo many event production companies. A diverse client base means a diverse skill set - and a great addition to your team.
Let’s bring your project into the Wordshop and talk about how the right communications can create excitement, interest, and clarity for your organization!