Thrive Profile

Shellee Fisher Photography & Design, LLC

Shellee Fisher is known as a professional image maker, persona specialist, pictorial documentarian, or visual brand expert, targeting the business sector. Bringing out the naturalness in portraiture, creatively documenting an event to celebrate achievements or producing marketing imagery to construct a library of stock images or promote a company is what Shellee does and what she does best. Shellee contributes to her client’s success through imagery. She is a professional corporate photographer. Photography is Shellee’s passion and her art form.
Image is Everything & Imagery Sells is the foundation that Shellee continues to build upon in her company, Shellee Fisher Photography & Design, LLC .  Whether working with savvy professionals updating their executive portraits or documenting a national conference, every image must make a statement. From executive or group portraits to event coverage or corporate marketing imagery, Shellee lends her creative eye and attention to detail to maintain her client’s brand image. Shellee’s artistic approach, technical ability, professional demeanor and business integrity provides not only for a great experience but also a superior product.
Shellee Fisher Photography and Design, LLC is known for having an expert eye for capturing the essence of a situation, the emotions of people and telling the story.  Shellee feels that it is important to not only document activities but to also show the relationship to the environment.  Skill, creativity and attention to detail are her strengths.