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Ruth Sternberg, Career Navigation Coach

About Ruth: 

Ruth Sternberg is a Certified Professional Resume Writer and Certified Employment Interview Coach.  She helps job seekers to more clearly express the value they offer employers, for fruitful connections and job offers. She worked as a professional journalist for 20 years and a grant writer for 14 years. She has been helping people with their job searches for about 10 years, and recently launched her own business providing this service. She has lived the struggle of finding work, facing rejection, and feeling unworthy in this era of digital communication. Ruth highly recommends making a plan and getting out there to meet as many people as you can who might be allies in your job search. No job is won from a chair at your desk.

I know you probably haven't touched your resume for a while. These days there's a lot to consider. I want yours to be ATS-friendly, modern, and convey the value employers are seeking.

Let's showcase you with a Career Portfolio that includes your resume and more.

I help candidates in sales, manufacturing, operations, education, marketing, nonprofit administration, and communications - especially those in mid- to late career - show that their age and experience are assets.

I am a writer who has seen the working world through a variety of valuable lenses. I was a longtime journalist AND a successful grant writer.

Why does that matter?

Because we are masters of several things:

Finding the core message quickly (we don't 'bury the lead') and identifying the 'story.'

Writing succinctly and on point to convey the value needed by the employer (we know RFPs!).

Interviewing: We know how to collect information for a purpose, efficiently and effectively.

Research: We know how to find information and reach people who have it (can't find that hiring manager? I can help).

1 more THING:

You are going to find hundreds of advice-givers out there. They are going to tell you how to write "the perfect resume," and say the perfect thing in an interview. They will sell you templates and "how to" books. They will claim that you will get hired in a very short time.

THERE IS NO MAGIC BULLET! There is only the work of being seen and remembered.

Get some help. Each week you wait equals huge salary losses.

Let's get started.

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