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New Perspective Asset Management

About New Perspective Asset Management, LLC

New Perspective Asset Management, LLC, was formed during the 2009 real estate crisis to assist financial institutions in taking control of their collateral. Through the work of our co-founders Dana Milligan and Shawn Parker, New Perspective has served as receiver in over 150 cases. We have substantial experience in nearly every industry, having been appointed as receiver over hotels, restaurants, automotive dealerships, skilled nursing homes, childcare facilities, healthcare consortiums, shopping centers, multi-family complexes and single-family homes.

As receiver, New Perspective collects and preserves assets and works to maximize the return to creditors and other stakeholders through a fast and efficient court process. Our successful outcomes are not only achieved through liquidation, but also through restructuring efforts to maintain going concern values of businesses. The primary goal of New Perspective is to maximize value, and we work with all parties involved to ensure that every effort is aimed to that end.

Servicing the entire state of Ohio, our receivership team specializes in asset management, protection, and dispute resolution with emphasis on achieving positive results for all parties involved.  We take pride in managing every asset as if it were our own and our implementation of industry specialists specific to each receivership sets us apart from the rest.

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