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Friends of Coutanya Coombs - Coombs for City Council & Realtor

It has been my life’s work to speak for the communities I care for. I have developed the competence, knowledge, and skills it takes to make a difference as a representative and leader.

And that difference starts now. Get in touch with us! Make a donation or volunteer. Let us know your concerns. Begin attending events, ranging from council sessions to social occasions (bring a mask). This community is close to my heart, and I am eager to discuss it with you. It’s important that Westerville stays cohesive and prosperous, so I want your feedback.

My experience of living in Westerville over 16 years has given me a deep sense of community. Residents of Westerville work tirelessly to make their city a wonderful place to live. Now I would like to give back in equal measure.

“It takes a village,” I used to hear when I was a kid in Ohio.

A united Westerville is up to any challenge.

Dr. Coombs wants to hear your thoughts as we work together to make Westerville even more of a great community. Bring your ideas to her. We rely on the assistance of citizens like you to bring economic growth and inclusion. Looking forward to hearing from you and getting to know your needs as a Westerville family,

“Connect, exchange, integrate — and grow.”

~ Coutanya Coombs