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Elysian Fiber

My name is Tina Lyden, and I'm the President, and CEO of Elysian Fiber, which is a technology design, build, and integration company, started in early 2018. Elysian Fiber specializes in fiber infrastructure and technology and is committed to bridging the digital divide by identifying, introducing, and installing innovative fiber optic infrastructure solutions. Elysian Fiber offers a unique, patented technology that provides a quick, simple, and safe way to install last-mile fiber optic links for connecting sensors, buildings, antennas, and other devices along paved surfaces at a fraction of the time and cost of traditional fiber infrastructure deployment methodologies. My vision is to bring fiber broadband infrastructure offerings to underserved communities while providing training and working to create jobs in cabling installation.

A little more about my background.

Tina Lyden is a technology executive who has spent the last three decades providing vision, leadership, and governance for a wide array of technology endeavors in industry sectors including education, insurance, government, financial services, energy, healthcare and manufacturing, to name a few. As an executive leader, her expertise encompasses the development, deployment, and management of multi-million dollar, enterprise-level IT project endeavors in areas such as IT operations, governance/risk/compliance, physical and logical security, infrastructure, data centers, application development, project management, strategy, and business development.

President and CEO: Tina Lyden