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ASH Imagine

Dream. Build. Grow. That's the process we practice in designing great looking, interactive web sites for clients of all shapes and sizes. Like a chef combining ingredients in the kitchen, we blend art and technology to cook up tasty solutions to tough challenges, from brand marketing to data management. Here are some of the thought processes and technology tools that go into our most flavorful recipes for success:


  • Campaign + business strategy
  • Branding + product launches
  • Database processes + automation
  • Data-to-PDF automation
  • SEO/SEM + social media strategies


  • User interface design
  • Hand-crafted HTML + CSS
  • Beautiful page layouts
  • Mobile-friendly + cross-browser
  • Logo, illustration, branding, + print


  • Interactive elements
  • JavaScript + jQuery
  • AJAX transactions + browsing
  • Interactive media + elements
  • Friendly form validation


  • Web-based database systems
  • E-commerce + shopping carts
  • Payment gateways, APIs + integrations
  • PHP, .NET, + legacy languages
  • Advanced administration tools


  • Database architecture
  • Custom administration tools
  • Data processing + automation
  • Report design + infographics
  • MSSQL + MySQL management
  • Windows Server + Linux deployment
  • Server administration
  • SSL security + data encryption
  • Dedicated web + e-mail hosting
  • HIPAA + PCI compliance


What's a "hand-crafted" site? Unlike off-the-shelf templates that get reused over and over and over again, each of our sites begins as a blank slate and an idea. Or sometimes a bunch of ideas. We bring these ideas to life as concepts and grow them through ongoing, open-door conversations with the client, allowing us to hear their feedback, make recommendations, and evolve the site into a fully working model. Our custom method is the polar opposite of template-based services, and we feel the results speak for themselves in terms of uniqueness, cohesiveness, and flexibility.
Our projects have that "personal touch". Instead of being passed along from salesman to manager to designer to developer and back and forth, our clients interact with one person from proposal to production. That consistency and individualized attention makes a big difference in terms of progression and accountability. Factor in that we don't outsource and are highly selective in the projects we choose, and you'll find that we have an impeccable record for customer satisfaction, referrals, and repeat business. We've made our business personal. Doesn't your project deserve such a promise?

About Sarah A. Hippensteele, Principal

HOMETOWN: Cincinnati, Ohio
EDUCATION: Ohio State University
ACTIVITIES: swimming, hiking, experimental cooking
Joining ASHimagine after graduating from The Ohio State University in 2000, Sarah leverages a unique sense of style and her meticulous attention-to-detail to ensure client projects are highly-refined, smartly-managed, and ultimately successful. In addition to her design and development workload, she also provides ongoing support to many clients and manages our dedicated hosting environment. Even when she's not "on the clock," one of her primary personal interests includes volunteering her time to local non-profits.