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Live with Thrive - Member Interview - Rebecca Hamilton - Sunnybrook Wordshop

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December 9, 2020 @ 11:30 AM


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What you say is what they get! The ins and outs of being a speech writer.

Being a successful, independent contractor has it's ups and downs, especially when you work in the event industry during the pandemic!  

Have you ever had to write a speech and deliver it? Or maybe you write for someone else?

Rebecca Hamilton has been writing for some of the leading business leaders around the world for decades, ensuring their messages are clear, concise, on point and in the character of the presenters. 

She'll share some insights on who she has worked with, some great and not so great moments and give us an idea of how she is moving forward. 

She'll also share some tips on writing a good speech.

You don't want to miss this conversation! 

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