About Thrive Ohio

2007 — Dames Bond

In 2007, Mary B. Relotto created Columbus' first and only online, all-female, business directory called Dames Bond. The motto was ‘When Dames Bond, Dames Thrive!”

Dames Bond was purposefully designed to help women business owners make connections that would eventually cascade into referrals and clients, and to lend an affordable marketing arm that would increase their visibility. For many, Dames Bond was the only marketing strategy businesses had, and it worked! Many businesses are still thriving!

Because of the unique directory and social-based networking, Dames bond was recognized by ForbesWoman and Money Magazine.

2018 — Thrive Columbus

In 2018 Thrive Columbus was launched.

Because there are so many resources for women in Central Ohio, Thrive Columbus was created to help women who have ambition, be more engaged in the community by making it easier for them to navigate the resources they need in order to move forward.

In addition to the online component, the 2nd Annual Thrive Columbus Women's Summit was held on February 27, 2020, with a sold-out audience, right before the 2020 pandemic hit. The Summit's goal was to harness the collective wisdom, experience and energy of inspirational women of all ages and backgrounds; to connect women to resources and experts; to give the partnering organizations a platform for increased visibility; to help women identify their leadership potential; and to promote engagement in the community.

2020 — Thrive Ohio / Every Woman. Every Resource.

Because more women from across the state of Ohio are seeking affordable avenues to promote their businesses and events; because there are numerous organizations that need additional leverage and platforms; and because there are thousands of Ohio women with ambition who want to be more engaged in the community, welcome to Thrive Ohio, a state-wide organization that will help women be their best, and do their best.

Thrive Ohio recognizes all women as the most important component in helping boost our economy, not just through our purchasing power, but because we lead in numbers as entrepreneurs, state-wide. By connecting women to resources and consumers to businesses, together we thrive!